The adventure continues, and not a day goes by without us telling ourselves how lucky we are!

We’ve got something like seventy people now working from near and far on bringing our mischievous smiley to life. The show’s really making strides: there’s a gorgeous new set; there’s more general knowledge material and a lot more variation from one round to another. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the team at France 3 who help us keep up such high production standards with their demands and their precious advice.

And of course we’re very proud to have the hosts from all the France 3 game shows celebrating our thousandth episode with us. And they seem like a pretty smart bunch…well, at least when they control their attention span a bit…


Chief editor Fabiola briefing our distinguished guests.


The letter- and numbermeister deep in thought. That must hurt.


“I was wondering, Arielle, if we shouldn’t be presenting Harry….”
“My thoughts exactly, Bertrand.”


Cyril and Samuel : the steamroller twins.


Cyril and Samuel : the steamroller twins.


Bond, Sebastien Bond.


The first cake ever to weigh more than a ton.


Calm down, people! It’s only a game!


“See how they fooled those ones next to Arielle?”
“Bertrand, you rock!”