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What characterises the human race is that it has rights.
(Hannah Arendt)
6 x 52 MINUTES



Series set at the European Parliament.

Europe is a profound political challenge that was taken up and made a reality. The crisis, however, has done it much harm. It is more urgent now than ever that we reawaken the European peoples’ enthusiasm for it: first and foremost by reminding them just how valuable it is – if for no other reason than its sheer numbers: a population of 500 million, all with shared values and a society that is envied all around the world. In this hitherto unseen television film that aims to shine a light on the very foundations of Europe, we meet Judith, a young Frenchwoman who, like us, is just finding her way; and whose impulsive, dauntless, solitary and never-say-die personality leads her to stand for the Pirate Party and – to her own great astonishment – get herself elected.