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A cruise liner disappears after colliding with a private yacht. Six months later, the survivors, still conditioned by civilisation, are already experiencing all the little headaches of everyday life – but in very different surroundings.



Three families, a hermit and a chimpanzee: twelve characters aged between 15 and 74. Will others arrive – by sea or by air – or could they already be there on the island?

Which house to choose? Who does the dishes? Which car? With or without airbag? Air-conditioned or not? Where to go on holiday? Vanilla or strawberry? Left or right? TV or a movie? Oak or pine? They might all seem like silly questions when you’re just trying to survive…and yet…in The Bermuda Triangle, Laurence, Gaspard and the others have to face the real questions as well as the ones that don’t matter anymore. Uprooted to a wild paradise, they make us realise that the grass isn’t greener – and that whatever joys (and problems) are to be found, they all lie within…whatever the scenery.